My name is Kristen Gabrielle. Simply put, I'm a simple gal with a lot of quirks and a growing exuberance for adventurous, full life. I don't know what my favorite color is, or my favorite food or book or movie or sports team for that matter. And I don't know what I'll be doing five days from now, let alone in five years. My “starter” strengths of planning and organization have sort of been benched, and spontaneous adventure is now subbing as point guard. This is life as I've never known it before. A bit unsettling to say the least. But it's a life I'm enjoying for the first time.

My breath of an existence can be summed up like this: Sometimes it takes a wrecking ball to save a shanty of a life. Sometimes letting go of everything precious to us leads to the discovery of everything truly worth having. Sometimes we need to bravely live without knowing what's next in order to find what we've been looking for all along. Sometimes we need to be completely unsettled before we can finally be home wherever we are. Sometimes we need to let go of control and let Love care for us and teach us how to truly live.

Sometimes we need to sing our hearts out, no matter how sweet or bitter or bittersweet it sounds. I'd like to share my Love story, my Love's song with you and hear yours too. After all, we are Love's poetry. . . and He's still writing.
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What others are saying about Kristen. . .

 “The creative scene is bursting with artists seeking fame and selling their lives to be heard. Kristen stands in stark contrast to that type of self-motivated ambition. Her authenticity and humility meet with the strength of Christ's redemptive love to produce a musical experience that is both moving and enchanting. Her music does what most fails to do: it quietly serves the listener without asking for anything in return.”
            --Tara Leigh Cobble (Singer/Songwriter, Author of Here’s to Hindsight and Crowded Skies)

"Kristen possesses an undeniable and unique ability to speak healing to wounded, calloused hearts through word and song. Born of her own tragic failures and inspiring triumphs, she shares a message that epitomizes the beauty of Jesus's death on the cross. You will undoubtedly be inspired by her story..."
            --Terrica Smith (Booking and Events Manager, Shannon Ethridge Ministries)

“Some musicians do what they do for fame. Some do it for fortune. Some do it simply for the love of the craft. But Kristen does it out of her passionate love for her Savior, and it shows! Just listening to her amazing vocals and deep, personal lyrics, you simply can’t help falling more in love with the Jesus she brings to life through song.”
            --Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Best-selling author of numerous books including the Every Woman’s Battle series

“We live in a world hungry for truth, desperate for relationship, and unsure how to go about discovering either. Through her music – and her life – Kristen reflects the hope and promise of learning to know and be known by the only One who can satisfy our deepest hungers. It’s not about her. Which leaves us looking only at Him. Beautiful.”
            --Constance Rhodes, Founder,; author, The Art of Being: Reflections on the Beauty and the Risk of
            Embracing Who We Are.

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